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Fiesta Days
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MariachiParad.jpg (269167 bytes)Fiesta Days in Sterling, Illinois began in the 1940s to celebrate Mexico's Independence Day.  The Mexican Fiesta in Sterling and Rock Falls every September honors the Latin American heritage brought to the Midwest by generations of immigrants.  Each 16 of September in Mexico, at the stroke of midnight, the president, governors and mayors re-enact the Grito de Dolores, the Call for Independence first proclaimed by Padre Miguel Hidalgo in 1810.  See more on the Folklórico, Fiesta 2001 , LASC and Quinceañera sub-pages.


FiestaCompl.jpg (121727 bytes)"Adelante" Latino Mural includes a "Fiesta" panel showing the early years of Sterling's annual celebration.  Today, the festivities last an entire week, and include a public parade that winds its way through the "Twin Cities" of Sterling and Rock Falls.  Marchers cross the bridge spanning the Rock River to visit both towns.  A cultural night, fund-raising events, and closing ceremonies at the Fiesta dinner-dance round out the seasonal activities.

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FIESTA PARADE:  Schools, Folkloric Groups & Families

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FIESTA PARADE:  Community & government leaders

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NOCHE CULTURAL:  Music & Dance Performance

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